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How to update the module

  • make changes to the theme generator theme files
  • generate the 4 themes in a 'dist' folder:
    • use the commands outlined in the module's README file
    • make sure you set it to point to a folder you can find
    • you now have 4 themes that use the 'free' version of FontAwesome
  • do an npm install
  • regenerate the production JS and CSS
  • Now you test your themes
    • take a test project, throw in the 4 themes
    • activate them and see if everything you updated is not broken
    • you know have successfully tested your themes
  • Now we still need to update a few things in the theme generator
    • copy the JS and CSS files from the generated themes to their respective template folders
      • eg. rocketship demo CSS & JS files go into rocketship_theme_generator/templates
    • if you made changes to anything else that ends in generated files, generate and copy those as well. Eg: if you have changed the favicon, you best run gulp favicon.
      • although most of the themes will get their generated files regenerated during development (except the demo theme), it's best to have something in there. So don't skip this!!!
  • Fix anything that needs fixing, and test again
  • make sure to bump the version in package.json and the lock file
  • Tag your new release in rocketship_theme_generator module
  • commit and push your changes
  • make a new tagged release on d.o

Update dropsolid's 'dropsolid_theme_dependencies' module

If there were CSS or JS changes, we now need to update this module:

  • easiest way to do this, is to have the latest Rocketship Skeleton or your test Drupal project
  • update the composer file to use the new theme generator tag
  • throw out the existing themes
  • run composer update for the theme generator: composer update drupal/rocketship_theme_generator --with-dependencies
  • this will regenerate the themes, but update them with the 'paid' version of FontAwesome
  • Now we just need the demo theme, so cd to that folder
  • Now run npm install again, just for the demo theme
  • again generate CSS and JS
  • copy over the CSS and JS to the dropsolid_theme_dependencies module
  • Commit the changes, tag this release
  • update the new tag in dropsolid_theme_dependencies module
  • run composer update now in Skeleton:composer update dropsolid-drupal8/dropsolid_theme_dependencies --with-dependencies
  • commit & push your changes to Skeleton

Update the Styleguide in Skeleton

  • chances are you need to update the Styleguide if there are CSS/JS or Twig changes
  • in the Skeleton or test project you just used to update the theme dependencies, we'll go to the demo theme
  • rebuild the Styleguide: npm run-script build-storybook
  • copy the generated styleguide files over to Skeleton
  • commit & push your changes
  • make a new release using the pipelines (deploy to public):
  • make a new release on d.o when the new tag is made available for public

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