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There are a few types of roles that may get access to the Products (a.k.a. ‘Managed Products’) section of the DXP.
First of all, is the Marketeer, as they should be able to view information on their Organization’s Products, manage content and test certain aspects of a Product (or Project).
Other roles that benefit from this, would be the Organization Owner (so they have a visual overview of their Products) and Architects (who already have an overview via the DevOps section, but that doesn’t give them Metrics of any Mautics, while the Products section does).

We’ll go over where to find what information about Products (and their available Environments), and look at how things are managed here.


Your main base of operations will be the overview page. Here you can find a list of all the Products managed by the Organization(s) you belong to and are accessible by you.

At first, your interface is very simple: just a grid of cards representing the Products, ordered by Type.

Products: simple overview

But by using the toggle, you can switch to a more advanced interface, with filters and ordering options. This is especially handy if you have more than just a couple of Products available or if you are in multiple Organizations

Products: advanced toggle

Products: advanced

When using the toggle, you should now see a filter bar which allows you to filter and sort using a variety of factors:

  • organization
  • Type: Marketing Automation (MA), Content Management System (CMS), Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Other.
  • Sort by: by default it’s chronologically by Creation date
  • Sort direction: by default, it’s descending → so you’ll see the newest ones first

You can also change the display from a list to cards, by using the icons on the right of the filter bar.

Products: advanced filters

There is also a Filter field, which you can use to search for specific Projects. It has autosuggestion, so you don’t have to input the complete name.

Products: open search results

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