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Which browsers does Dropsolid support?

We support the latest + the major version before that, of the following browsers:

  • Windows

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge (IE versions are not supported by default)
  • MacOS

    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
  • Linux
    • Chrome
    • Firefox

For example, if Safari is on version 16.7.8, we support version 15.0.1 up to 16.7.8

We also don’t support browsers that don’t have support from the product team (eg. Microsoft Explorer)


When you have a mobile design, we take this into account as well as possible and ensure that they are responsive. Pixel-perfect conversion of design to the web is a myth, but we guarantee that it will work functionally.

Why these browsers and versions?

Let’s take a look at what browsers there are and what their market share was in July 2023:

  • Chrome: 59.54% - Webkit (Chromium)
  • Safari: 20.99% - Webkit
  • Firefox: 5.15% - Gecko/Quantum/Webkit (on mobile)
  • Edge: 6.12% - Webkit - Webkit (Chromium)
  • Samsung Internet: 3,3% - Webkit (Firefox)
  • Opera: 3.08% - Webkit (version 15+)
  • Internet Explorer: 0.18% (Trident)

This data is coming from the following source: filtered on Europe & Edge/IE split.

If we take a look at this data, we see that Internet Explorer is using a very different type of engine. This engine is running behind on other browsers and even Microsoft is aware of this, as their own product team no longer provides support (eg. security updates). With Edge (the successor of Internet Explorer), Microsoft shifted towards the Webkit engine (via adoption of Chromium).

So not only the Marketshare, but also the effort it costs to use and maintain something different than the Webkit engine has been the deciding factor. Given that only 0.18% of the people in Europe are using Internet Explorer, together with the effort it takes us to include this as an exception as standard in the package, we cannot justify this in terms of development. It would also cost you much more as a customer, for very little added value.
The websites will load on Internet Explorer, but no guarantee is given for possible styling or javascript bugs.

So, to support the largest possible audience and to be able to keep the technical & costs in control for you as a customer, we support the browsers (and versions) listed previously.

Want to adjust something in a browser that isn't supported by default?

If you still want to see some things changed in browsers that are not in this list, we can take a look at this for the latest version of the given browser:

  1. Send an email with your desired adjustments to our Support Desk.
  2. One of our developers will make an estimation of the work needed.
  3. When you approve, we will carry it out and invoice you for it. The estimation is, however, just a guide.

If you have any other questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail our Support Desk or by telephone at +32 (0) 9 395 02 90.

Send us your question

Do you still have unanswered questions or do you want to make some adjustments to your project? Don't hesitate to ask us your question at or at +3293950290.