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List and restore backups

In any Environment sidebar, you can find a ‘Backups’ item under the ‘Shortcuts’.
(If you don't have the correct permissions, this item will be greyed out)



By clicking the 'Backups' link, a dialog opens that contacts the server to retrieve all backups for the current environment's database. This can take a moment, so don't close the dialog. If the environment is old enough and the retention policy is long enough, they will be categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly listings.

Backups retrieval

If there are enough backups, they will be separated in daily, weekly and monthly lists.

The download-links themselves are only available for a limited time (about 5 minutes), after which they expire.
New download links are generated every time you open the dialog to retrieve the backup lists.

Backups listing

If you close the dialog window before you get a result, you can also find the lists with links in your Notifications sidebar, once the pending task has finished successfully.

Backups listing


With the correct permissions, some users viewing the list will also see an option to restore a backup to an environment.

Backup restore button

Before restoring a database, keep in mind this comes with a set of caveats:

  • Restoring will cause downtime on the selected environment, the downtime will be variable depending on the size of your database and the current server load and size.
  • High-traffic sites that rely heavily on their cache may be unable to recover from downtime during peak hours due to the absence of cache warming.

Clicking the Restore button, will take you through a few steps to pick the correct environment to restore the database backup to.

Backups restore Backups restore

Once you have selected the desired environment, all you have left to do is confirm your choice by writing a confirmation text.

Backups confirm

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