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Only Maintainers (Architects) have access to the project Settings.


We have blocked some GitLab project maintenance tasks as we do them for you.

Merge requests

Expand the 'Merge requests' block to set various options including merge method, merge options and commit squashing.

For more information about these options see:


Add 3rd-party applications to your Gitlab workflow. For more information about these options see:


Webhooks enable you to send notifications to web applications in response to events in a project.

You can configure webhooks to listen for specific events like pushes, issues or merge requests. GitLab sends a POST request with data to the webhook URL.

For more information about webhooks see:

Access tokens

Project access tokens are similar to personal access tokens, except they are limited to the scope of a project rather than a user. Which makes them preferable in cases where only project access is needed.

For more information about this see:



Currently renaming the default branch is disabled

Mirroring repositories

Repository mirroring allows for the mirroring of repositories to external sources. You can use it to mirror branches, tags, and commits between repositories. It's useful when you want to use a repository outside of GitLab.


An important note here is that this only works in the push direction (GitLab repository to another location).

For more information about this see:

Protected branches

To prevent developers from force pushing or deleting branches they can be protected.

For more information see:

Protected tags

To prevent developers from updating or deleting certain tags they can be protected.

For more information see:

Deploy keys

Deploy keys allow read and/or write access to your repositories by adding an SSH public key generated locally.

For more information see:

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